Lesson 2 — Lenses + Focal Lengths

Lesson 2 — Lenses + Focal Lengths

Making Photography Magic

Deciding what lens to invest in is a big decision! In this course we’re going over all the things that make up a lens, and what kinds of lenses to use for which types of shots. Using a good quality lens can make a HUGE difference in the quality of your image, and I have some tried + true recommendations for you here!

In Lesson 2 we’ll go over:

  • Module 1: Focal Lengths, Aperture Notation, + Full Frame vs Cropped Frame Lenses, including which focal lengths are best for which shooting angles, and why I recommend against using a cropped frame lens.

  • Module 2: Zoom, Prime, and Tilt-Shift Lenses, including which you should use for particular captures + shooting environments.

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