Lesson 1 — Camera Settings

Lesson 1 — Camera Settings

First things first

Knowing the ins and outs of your camera is the first step in creating beautiful imagery. It allows you to take an image out of your mind’s eye and put it out into the real world. Understanding how your camera works will help you shoot faster, and more efficiently. Plus there’s SO many incredible tools within DSLR + mirrorless cameras, it’s awesome to know the mind-blowing things they’re capable of!

In Lesson 1, we’ll go over:

  • Module 1: Aperture, Shutterspeed, ISO, and RAW vs JPEG (this might all sound like mumbo jumbo now, but not after going through the course!)

  • Module 2: Live View + Focus, including auto focus points, AF Modes, and what modes work best for which shooting settings.

  • Module 3: Shooting Mode Dial + Exposure , including metering and continuous shooting mode.

  • Module 4: Setting up to Photograph Yourself in Frame, including setting up your camera for wifi, shooting remotely with your phone, shooting with an actual remote, and shooting at intervals solo to capture motion.

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