Lightroom Presets — Food Photography — Bright + Ethereal

Lightroom Presets — Food Photography — Bright + Ethereal

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Bright + Ethereal Food Photography Presets


— 25 Lightroom Presets —


Edit with one. single. click.


If I were to edit my photos without presets, I'd be spending 90% of my working hours sitting in front of Lightroom searing photos of cake into my retinas. Now, I do genuinely love looking at photos of cake, but that starts to change after hour 3 of sitting hunched over my keyboard with that weird crick seeping into my neck. SO! As a solution to the editing grind, I started making my own presets.

These Lightroom presets are the result of 8 years of food blogging and photography, and they have saved me countless hours of editing time and freed me up to focus on other areas of my business. They've also helped me form a consistent look and style throughout all my imagery—from my blog to my cookbooks to my instagram feed—and they will do the same for you.


In this collection, you'll be getting my 25 favorite Light + Ethereal food photography presets and my best-use guide to utilizing the presets in Lightroom.


I am SO thrilled to be able to share these years of much-loved edits with you—and I'm incredibly excited to help you speed up your workflow and streamline your editing process! This is the easiest thing you can do to take your photos to the next level, don't hesitate to make your work as beautiful as it can be.


**Please note these presets are for Lightroom Desktop, not Lightroom Mobile, and are meant for editing RAW photos, not jpegs**


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