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What if you could...


  • Express the beauty and passion of your creative business by capturing it in a jaw-dropping photograph

  • Draw in your dream clients through your beautiful imagery

  • Feel confident and empowered with a camera in your hands

  • Create your own visual content for your blog + social media

  • Translate the image you have in your mind into a stunning real-life capture

  • Feel comfortable + confident styling, shooting, and editing your images

You *know* that in order for your creative business to succeed, you need beautiful imagery to draw in clients + grow your audience.

In an ideal world, you’d be getting inquiries from potential clients left and right. They’d find you through your instagram feed, that’s chock full of gorgeous photos that reflect the beauty of your business. Or, through Pinterest, with the lovely pin image drawing them directly to your site.

When you talk with these folks, you find that your message truly resonates with them, because the imagery of your brand drew in the RIGHT crowd.

But popping the dream bubble for a second, the current reality isn’t quite there yet . . . .

Instead, you keep being told that to grow on social + online you need to create this beautiful feed + website, but yours looks less planned and more picasso.

Every time you try taking pictures, you end up with this ball of frustrated anxiety growing in the pit of your stomach because what you have in your mind just won’t come through into the camera.

You know that as more people enter your creative field, you need to make your work stand out from the crowd and catch attention, but hiring someone to shoot for you isn’t an option at this point.

You hear people brag all the time about being self-taught, and why can’t you? But I’m here to tell you that’s not what it appears to be. Being ‘self-taught’ just means that they had to struggle alone in frustration for YEARS while making tiny incremental progress and you don’t have to.

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Instead of struggling on your own for years, let’s do this thing together in a few weeks!

Hi there! I’m Eva Kosmas Flores, and after teaching hundreds of hours of photography + styling courses in-person and online, I’ve created a course that distills down everything YOU need to know to create a beautiful photo.

Everything you’ll learn is based on practical techniques + applications, so that you can master creating your own eye-catching content and feel confident while doing it!

Sound good? Let’s do this!

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Sounds good to me!

I’m in!!!

Photography + Styling + Branding Course

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The details

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Make it a bundle!

Get allll of the above, PLUS:

  • My complete permanent lightroom preset collection of 100+ presets

  • My best-use guide to utilizing the presets in Lightroom

  • Email Templates for freelancers + photographers

  • Client Checklist for freelancers + photographers

  • My Pricing Guide

  • Media Kit Templates + Guide

  • My video + stop motion course, including:

    • Module 1 — Creating Top-Down Food Videos

      • Lesson 1 Video Shooting Set-Ups

      • Lesson 2 Video Shooting Settings

      • Lesson 3 Shooting the Video

      • Lesson 4 Editing Your Video in Adobe Premiere

    • Module 2 — Creating Stop Motion Videos

      • Lesson 1 Introduction to Stop Motion

      • Lesson 2 Gear + Tools

      • Lesson 3 Capturing Stop Motion

      • Lesson 4 Editing Your Stop Motion Video in Lightroom + Photoshop

    • My exclusive e-book "A Guide to Food Videos + Stop Motion", which addresses all of the above in text-form (which means no need for excessive note-taking, hurray!)

    • A Workbook containing 8 hands-on exercises corresponding to each lesson to help you put your newfound skills into practice.

    • A Gear List with hyperlinks to all the video equipment discussed in the course, so you don't have to worry about googling anything or accidentally ordering the wrong thing.

    • An Adobe Premiere Workspace Template, so that your Premiere program layout will be set up exactly the same as the one we use in the course.

    • A Shot List Template, so you can quickly and easily create an organized workflow for your video.

A bundled savings of over $670 dollars!

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How long do I have access to the course?

Access to the course NEVER expires. You’ll always have access to it, plus any updates we make to the course as technology + cameras progress!

I’m new to my camera, will this be helpful for me or is it just for experienced photographers?

This course starts with the basics and builds from there to more advanced techniques. This way, you begin with a foundation of knowledge that you can apply the new skills you’re learning to as the course goes along. It’s meant to help you build your skill level as you progress through the lessons + modules.

Do I need a camera to take this course?

Yes, you can use a mirrorless camera or a DSLR. A DSLR or mirrorless camera will give you the most control over the final image and have the highest image quality, so investing in one is definitely a good idea if this is something you want to pursue.

What equipment do you recommend?

All the equipment we recommend for the course is linked to in our Gear List pdf, which will be emailed to you upon purchasing the course. It's full of hyperlinks to all the equipment discussed in the course, so you don't have to worry about googling anything or accidentally ordering the wrong thing :)

Can I download the video tutorials?

Yes, instructions on downloading the videos are in the #1 PDF file you'll receive upon purchasing the course. You can also stream them, too!

Do I need any computer programs?

If you want to learn Adobe Lightroom, you will need to download the program. I also highly recommend downloading Cinemagraph Pro (you can use the code EVAKOSMAS for 10% off the program via the application link) for the cinemagraph portion of the course.

What’s the difference between the bundle and the standard course again?

Take a peek at the below!

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It’s Bonus


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Heya! I’m Eva, and I learned photography on a film camera dark room-style when I was 15 (which was a loooong time ago). After college, I started shooting digital and fell completely in love with the capabilities of DSLR cameras. I have a Saveur-nominated food blog, Adventures in Cooking, and have authored + photographed two cookbooks, one of which (First We Eat) was nominated by IACP this year for best cookbook.

I’ve shot for clients as big as 7-Up, and as small as local restaurants. I’ve done takeovers on the @Instagram main feed, my work’s been featured in dozens of magazines + publications, and I work full-time doing what I love.

It wasn’t always like this, though. I learned how to use my DSLR on my own through years of small incremental progress and frustration, back before online courses + workshops existed. The transition from film to digital was….difficult. I was doing it on the weekends of my very-stressful day job, and felt overwhelmed 99.99% of the time.

My path was a really frustrating and painful one for those first few years—but yours doesn’t have to be.

Instead, let’s start your journey together! No struggling alone, no questions with no one to answer them, no frustrations about what to do next. I’m here to lend a helping hand, and guide you through the process of taking that beautiful thing inside you and transforming it into something palpable for the whole world to see.

we got this!!

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See you there!

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