Welcome to the tool shed!


Here you are in my secret little tool shed, simply because you are AWESOME. Welcome, friend! So, let's get down to business — here are the archives of all the awesome free goodies I've created for you. I hope you enjoy them and that they help your photos, your business, + you thrive!


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I know how frustrating the algorithm can be, but there is still hope! I'm sharing my tips + strategies to grow your instagram following and increase your reach by optimizing your instagram action to work with the algorithm rather than against it. Knowing how it works + what you can do to make it work for you will make all the difference!


Blog Post Shot List


In this guide I’m going over the shots I make sure to take during photoshoots when I’m developing recipe content for my blog. This structure applies to at least 80% of the food-based posts on AdventuresInCooking.com—it’s helped me create a signature style and feel for my images that comes through both on my blog and on my instagram feed, and I know it will for you, too!

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5 Apps I Use Everyday


In this guide I’m going over my favorite daily-use apps that make my work/life more enjoyable + productive. Some of them are super fun and involve fancy fonts—others are very business brain-y and involve bookkeeping and receipts—but ALL of them are great at what they do and have been incredibly useful for me, and I know they will be for you, too!!!


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5 Free Lightroom Presets



I'm sharing my 5 favorite Lightroom presets with you guys in this fun little package! It's got a sampling of some of my favorites, including 'Eva's Kitchen', 'Navy Blue Surface', 'Overcast Garden', 'Rustic Wood Surface', and 'White Surface'. If you love these, you can check out more of my presets over in Resources!


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