Online Course Bundle

Online Course Bundle

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Get everything in the Standard Course, PLUS:

  • My complete permanent lightroom preset collection of 100+ presets

  • My best-use guide to utilizing the presets in Lightroom

  • Email Templates for freelancers + photographers

  • Client Checklist for freelancers + photographers

  • My Pricing Guide

  • Media Kit Templates + Guide

  • My video + stop motion course, including:

    • Module 1 โ€” Creating Top-Down Food Videos

      • Lesson 1 Video Shooting Set-Ups

      • Lesson 2 Video Shooting Settings

      • Lesson 3 Shooting the Video

      • Lesson 4 Editing Your Video in Adobe Premiere

    • Module 2 โ€” Creating Stop Motion Videos

      • Lesson 1 Introduction to Stop Motion

      • Lesson 2 Gear + Tools

      • Lesson 3 Capturing Stop Motion

      • Lesson 4 Editing Your Stop Motion Video in Lightroom + Photoshop

    • My exclusive e-book "A Guide to Food Videos + Stop Motion", which addresses all of the above in text-form (which means no need for excessive note-taking, hurray!)

    • A Workbook containing 8 hands-on exercises corresponding to each lesson to help you put your newfound skills into practice.

    • A Gear List with hyperlinks to all the video equipment discussed in the course, so you don't have to worry about googling anything or accidentally ordering the wrong thing.

    • An Adobe Premiere Workspace Template, so that your Premiere program layout will be set up exactly the same as the one we use in the course.

    • A Shot List Template, so you can quickly and easily create an organized workflow for your video.