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The question I’m asked most often by prospective clients is what my day rate for a project is. There is SO much anxiety that can go into giving out a rate, especially if you’re not sure what the going rate is for that kind of a project, or how much money you need to keep your business afloat. Let’s face it, we’re creative people for a reason—math is HARD, guys! And stopping a great conversation with a client to talk about numbers isn’t fun for anyone.


To keep monetary anxiety to a minimum, I've made this handy-dandy rate calculator to make pricing quick, easy, and fiscally sound!


If you don’t have a basis for where your rate is coming from factually, things can get real awkward real fast if you get any pushback from the client.

Understanding what goes into your rate, however, will not only help you explain where your number is coming from, but it will also give you confidence in offering your rate because you know that that number is built on hard, solid facts and numbers. And you'll rest assured knowing that your rate is not only covering your cost of living + the costs of running your business, but actually paying you for the hard work you do day in and day out.

And the best part? This guide does most of the math for you.Yep, there's equations and algorithms in the pdf and stuff, crazy right?? So take a step towards running your business the right way and getting paid the rate you deserve, and grab this pricing guide while it's here!