media kit templates for
bloggers + influencers

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People keep asking you for a media kit and you don’t want to spend a gazillion valuable hours making one from scratch.


You’ve heard vague whispers of media kits in Facebook blogger groups and want to know what the heck they’re talking about.


You have a media kit and you kinda hate it.


Or maybe something totally different! Regardless, I have got you covered! I've created several different beautifully-crafted and unique media kit designs for you to use to market yourself and convey just how awesome you and your brand truly are. This mix of goodies includes:


  • 4 DIFFERENT 3-page media kit templates—each with a unique layout, style, and design.
  • Included are Photoshop (.psd) files of each media kit design for you to customize with your own brand + photos!
  • A Media Kit Guide, where I take you through what to write and include in each portion of the media kit to make it as effective as possible.
  • The copy in each template is written by me, (Eva!), but you should tweak it to match your brand and your unique individual voice.
  • If brands are reaching out to work with you, or you are reaching out to work with brands, you need a media kit.


Convey the voice, numbers, and power behind your brand with confidence, and with just one click! You're already a super-boss entrepreneur, you don't also have to have the skill set of a graphic designer. Save yourself the tedious and agonizing experience of making one from scratch—and put that saved time and energy somewhere else into your business! Simply attach your completed media kit to emails with perspective clients, and watch your brand partnerships + monetization grow!


Please note that the Media Kit template files are Photoshop documents (.psd files) and that First We Eat is not able to provide support on how to use the Photoshop program. If you've never used Photoshop and you're interested in the templates, I highly recommend watching Adobe's awesome Photoshop tutorial videos!