1-day styling + Branding WORKSHOP


Join Eva Kosmas Flores for a 1-day styling + branding workshop at Rye London's studio in northern London on Sunday, October 15th. Eva will take you through her styling techniques and demonstrate how to tell a story through styling and framing, as well how to manipulate natural light to create moody, striking images. She will also discuss the business side of photography, blogging, and cookbook writing and how to create a cohesive brand and singular voice. The workshop will also include an Adobe Lightroom demonstration where Eva will go through post-processing images and creating an organizational workflow in Lightroom.

Meals will include a welcome snack and seasonal lunch. Vegetarian options will be available.



  • Workshop material covers: storytelling through images, styling techniques, manipulation of natural light, branding, and post-processing in Adobe Lightroom.
  • The nearest major airport is London Heathrow (LHR).
  • The workshop takes place 10 am - 4 pm on Sunday, October 15th.
  • A mirrorless, DLSR, or iPhone camera is highly recommended.
  • Prices listed are per person.
  • Space is limited to 10 attendees.
  • Registration fee is $650 per person.


Rye London is located at 8A Stamford Works, Gillett Street London N16 8JH, UK. No refunds are available after booking unless you can find someone to fill your space.