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How to Import your awesome new presets into Lightroom


To import your presets, first make sure that they are unzipped if they have been downloaded as a zip file. To unzip them, simply double-click on the zip file and wait for a folder to appear in the same file location with the same name as the zip file. The preset files will be in that folder.

In the Lightroom menu at the top of the page, navigate to Lightroom -> Preferences.


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In the 'Preferences' window that pops up, click on the 'Presets' tab in the upper left portion of the window.

Towards the center of the window, click on the 'Show Lightroom Presets Folder' button.


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It will open a window with the 'Lightroom' folder selected. Look within the 'Lightroom' folder for the folder that says 'Develop Presets' and then click on it to select it.


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Now open a new window (DO NOT CLOSE THE DEVELOP PRESETS WINDOW) and select your Downloads folder.

Then select the First We Eat Preset folders you want to install (you can select multiple folders at once).


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Drag the selected First We Eat Preset folders and drop them into the 'Develop Presets' folder.


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Close the windows and close the Lightroom application. Re-open it, and your presets will now be in Lightroom on the left-hand side of the Develop tab. Click on the small triangle to the left of the folder name to reveal the presets inside each folder.

Congratulations! You just imported your presets into Lightroom, yayyyy!!