email templates for
photographers + influencers

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As freelancers in the blogging + photography business, nothing gives us quite as much anxiety or sucks up quite as much time as emailing. We agonize over replies and pitches, trying to be efficient-but-nice-but-assertive-but-not-pushy and attempt to walk this fine line of professionalism and friendliness that nearly drives us insane every time we open our inbox.




These are my tried and true email response templates that get me through the most common day-to-day emails I send, and the ones that I tend to agonize over the most (like project pitches). The email templates include:

  1. Pitch Email
  2. Request for Change to a Client’s Contract
  3. Request for Approval on Sponsored Blog / Social Post
  4. Delivery of Sponsored Blog / Social Post
  5. Delivery of Client Photos
  6. Generic Polite Decline
  7. Declining a Request to Work for Free
  8. Declining a Brand That isn’t a Good Fit
  9. If the Client Asks for Something Not Listed in the Contract
  10. Timeline for Project is Behind Due to Client Delay
  11. Payment Reminder
  12. Late Payment Reminder
  13. Phone Discussion Recap

I've honed these email responses over the past 8 years of constant communication with clients, and I use these in my business daily to keep my sanity when my inbox feels like an active volcano.  These carefully crafted responses save me time + energy every single day—and they will for you, too!

Make today the first step of making your freelance life easier and eliminate one more thing to think about, you deserve it!