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Photography + ISTRIA Workshop



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    Join me, Eva Kosmas Flores, and Bea Lubas of Bea's Cookbook for a 5-day retreat in the Croatian countryside. We'll spend our days in a restored stone farmhouse perched a top a hill overlooking the Mirna river valley, right in the middle of Istrian wine and truffle country. The home is complete with a large vegetable garden, where we'll be harvesting ingredients for our meals, and is equipped with all the modern luxuries, including a large tranquil swimming pool where we can relax in the evenings and take in the scenic surroundings. Mona and Jaret of Tournant will be joining us to take full advantage of the giant wood-fired hearth in the house's kitchen, preparing local Istrian dishes over a cozy roaring fire. We'll go on a guided excursion into the Croatian forest for truffle foraging, complete with adorable Croatian truffle-sniffing pups. And there will also be an afternoon outing to the ancient hilltop town of Motovun where we'll have lunch overlooking the Istrian valley. Lili Basic Lili Basic of Travelling Oven will be joining as well (along with the Croatian warmth + welcome that always come along with her).


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    • Workshop material covers: adjusting internal camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and their effects on the image, lenses and their focal lengths, creating an animated GIF, manipulation of natural lighting, food styling and plating, the business side of photography, and post processing in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

    • The nearest major airports are in Trieste, Italy (1 hour from the home) and Zagreb, Croatia (3 hours from the home).

    • A mirrorless, DLSR, or iPhone camera is required.

    • All lodging and meals are included in the workshop's duration, unless you choose the 'Separate Lodging' option, in which case we recommend staying in the nearby town of Livade for the workshop's duration.

    • Prices listed are per person.

    • Space is limited to 10 attendees.

    • If you'd like to split the registration fee into 2 payments, just enter the code SPLITPAY at checkout

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    • Monday October 1st: Welcome dinner at 7 pm

    • Tuesday October 2nd: Photography lessons, hands on shooting & styling, social media + business roundtable

    • Wednesday October 3rd: Styling lessons, hands on shooting & styling, Adobe Lightroom demonstration

    • Thursday October 4th: One-on-one sessions, Truffle Foraging, Wine Tasting

    • Friday October 5th: Farewell breakfast at 9 am, guests depart by 11 am

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    sleeping options

    • Separate Lodging (there is lodging available in the very nearby town of Livade) - SOLD OUT

    • Shared Twin Bedroom Ensuite Bathroom - SOLD OUT

    • Private Full Bedroom Ensuite Bathroom - SOLD OUT

    The listing price for each accommodation type is the full registration fee, if you'd like to split the registration fee into 2 payments just enter the code SPLITPAY at checkout.

    No refunds available after booking unless you can find someone to fill your space.


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    relax, let go, + let us show you the beauty of istria

    All you need to do is pack your bags, grab your digital camera or iPhone and show up. We’ve got the rest covered! All delicious meals, wines, and excursions are included in the workshop. Just relax—focus on learning, having fun, eating well, and shooting your stunning Istrian surroundings!

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    "a lifetime experience & unique journey"

    Not sure if workshop is the right word to describe this event. It is more of a lifetime experience and a unique journey. I found myself sharing these ladies’ passion, learning from them in the most natural and fulfilling way, exchanging ideas and thoughts with a group of participants from each and every corner of the globe. It is all in the little details that they transmitted to me that made a huge difference in my food styling and photography career. It is all these meals and gatherings we shared together that enriched my soul, in such a short time.

    Joelle Kanaan

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    There is something to say for when you get the opportunity to be in the midst of someone you admire in your field. To spend a few days watching how they work, listening to their advice and soaking up as much information as you possibly can that leaves you feeling blessed.

    I had the pleasure of attending my first FWE workshop with Eva two years ago, held in Iceland. My expectations were totally exceeded and I was left wanting more.

    Besides the wonderful food & beauty that surrounded me daily I was amongst some of the most amazing ladies. The talent, joy, enthusiasm, passion, and drive that sat around the table daily was the biggest reward of this workshop. Coming from all over the world, with different levels of experience, we came together and shared our passion for Photography."

    Andrea Coan

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    "We were chatting & telling each other stories like we'd known each other forever"

    The days I spent with Eva, Trisha, & company in Istria were truly glorious. I learned a lot about food photography and styling and feel confident now to get to the next level. I also got to know a bunch of fabulously interesting women from all over the world. We were chatting and telling each other stories like we'd known each other forever. This kind of connection feels very special to me. I went home with a head full of inspiration and ideas and a heart full of gratitude. Thank you Eva and team for creating a truly unique, creative and amazing experience.

    Jozefien Ryckx

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    "It was the best days of my life!"

    Those days were so relaxing and full of good memories, so warm (because of the people!), inspirational and, of course, sooo tasty! The food was really incredible!...To be honest, it was my very first trip outside of Russia, and it was the best days of my life! I got much more than I expected.

    Dasha Ustinova
    Easy Cooking Project

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    "They are passionate about sharing their love and knowledge of the industry"

    “I am so happy to have discovered the all encompassing food photography workshops called First We Eat Events. Every workshop is a unique opportunity to rub shoulders and learn from the best professionals in the industry. They are passionate about sharing their love and knowledge of the industry and have perfected the workshop adventure by finding fantastic villas or historic homes to occupy while they dive in and create an experience (and food) in amazing settings. Magic happens when you spend four concentrated days learning from them; two top notch professionals that graciously share their individual artistry through stylized meals in beautiful settings. I have made great strides in my own photography and I can honestly say that I owe my successes to my experiences with First We Eat!!”

    Beryl Striewsky