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A community of passionate professional women committed to achieving creative, personal, career, and self growth together.

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The mastermind is currently
closed for 2019

But you can join the waitlist in case any spaces open up and for first dibs when the
next Creative Mastermind opens!

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    A mastermind group offers problem-solving, peer accountability, brainstorming, and support in a group setting to hone your creative and business skills. The mastermind members lean on each other for guidance, advice, and honesty. They work together, sharing experience, insight, recommendations, and business. They hold each other up, challenge each other to set powerful goals, and help them accomplish them.

    This 6-month mastermind group offers you the chance to dream big, connect with other creatives like you, and gives you the tools and knowledge to make those big dreams a reality, both in your business and in your creative life.

    Through the workshops I’ve hosted, I’ve seen incredibly rich and meaningful relationships form in a very short amount of time. When you create a safe environment where everyone has a constructive and thoughtful perspective, people open up and you learn incredible things about your craft, yourself, and the world around you. The insight + experience you gain from a group of peers is invaluable and irreplaceable.

    If you’re ready to make a big impact and take a committed leap to furthering yourself and your creative business in 2019, this is for you.


    “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

    Yoko Ono

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    WHat’s In Store

    If you’re curious about how this will work…

    We will meet monthly January - June in 2019 for group calls, and you and I will also meet individually once a month for a one-on-one mentoring call. Everything will be done digitally (thanks, internet!) except the in-person workshops, so you can be a part of the mastermind no matter where you’re located.

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    In Person Workshop

    • We’ll meet for a for a beautiful + creatively inspiring 4-day in-person workshop.

    • At the workshop, we’ll share hands-on activities focusing on everything from visual branding and graphic design to beautiful imagery and running a successful creative business, and lots more!

    • We’ll also work together as a group to discuss our goals and any obstacles we’re facing. These will be safe, supportive spaces where we can share and solve problems in a group setting.

    • The exact dates + location will be set after surveying the mastermind members. Generally speaking, the workshop will take place in March.

    • You are responsible for getting yourself to the workshop location, but once there all food + lodging will be provided for you, yay!!!

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    Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

    • We’ll meet for a group call once a month and we will each share our successes and our current challenges, while sharing advice on how to solve and approach those challenges.

    • Together, we’ll set big goals, determine the best ways to achieve them, celebrate our wins, and troubleshoot our difficulties.

    • We’ll stay accountable to each other, and learn from each others’ strengths and experience. Together, we’ll create profound change and impact on our own lives and those of others. It’s pretty magical stuff!

    • The exact date for each month will be set after surveying the mastermind members.

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    Monthly One-On-One MENTORING Sessions

    • You and I will meet for a one-on-one mentoring call once a month to address anything you’re struggling with or any questions you have.

    • This can be anything from camera settings to how to host a workshop to what email service to use for sign-up forms. Literally anything!

    • There will be monthly areas of focus for each month of the mastermind (see below), so if you don’t have an issue or question for that month, we can focus on that month’s subject during our session.

    • We will set dates and times for our one-on-one sessions on an individual basis, up to 3 months ahead of time.

    “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

    Henry David Thoreau



    Every quarter of the mastermind will have a different area of focus, with a recommended reading list and a workbook to help you put these tools into practice. That being said, of course you can bring up whatever questions you have during the group coaching and one-on-one mentoring sessions, they don’t have to relate to the focus area.

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    Quarter 1 — Focusing on You + Your Visuals

    1/1 - 2/14

    In the first quarter, we will focus on exactly what it is you want to achieve. We’ll move on to effective goal setting, starting small where you can make the biggest impact. We’ll also focus on photography, lighting, branding, and graphic design.



    Quarter 2 — Running a Creative Business

    2/15 - 3/31

    In the second quarter, we will focus on accounting, income streams, and profitability. We’ll also focus on time management and organization (this is something I know a lot of us creatives struggle with, but there are some really awesome tools out there to maximize your time + resources that we’ll tackle together!) Our in-person workshop will take place during Quarter 2, yay!

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    Quarter 3 — Creative Marketing

    4/1 - 5/14

    In the third quarter, we will focus on expressing your work through social media and using it to expand your business. We’ll also focus on tools to grow your email list (and why that’s important) as well as what paid ad platforms are worth your time and energy (I’ve got some first-hand experience and strong opinions on this one!)



    Quarter 4 — Sustaining Your Craft

    5/15 - 6/30

    In the fourth quarter, we will focus on tools to maintain a healthy work/life balance, when to hire out, what you can automate, and how to keep your business running in the long-term. Maintaining your own small business can be really exhausting, and we’ll spotlight ways to relieve that stress and tools to ensure a healthy workload. We’ll also focus on keeping your creativity and passion fueled, and staying grateful + inspired.

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    “Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that.”


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    Invest In Yourself

    Like any long-term educational program, a mastermind is an investment. Taking the leap to spend money on learning something new can be really scary. The first time I signed up for a big course, I was overcome with apprehension. What if I don’t stick with it? What if everyone else there is smarter/faster/more talented than me? What if I’m unable to keep up with the pace? But I knew I wanted to improve and was tired of being stuck in one place, and I knew that investing in my skillset was going to get me where I wanted to be. And not only that, but that the investment itself was a motivating factor in sticking with it until the end.

    With the mastermind, you can put everything you’re learning to use immediately in your creative business and reap the benefits of it (both financially and personally) as you are going. And anytime you hit a roadblock, you have me + a team of supportive creative women to turn to. You’re getting personalized business coaching, mentoring, and workshops—the support + learning experience of the mastermind give you the best possible odds to achieve your goals.

    The skills you learn here will last for years to come—it’s a one-time investment in yourself with a lifetime of interest! So, what’s the investment? There are two payment options, a one-time fee of $5,500 or a monthly fee of $1,000 for 6 months. There is a $1,000 deposit required to reserve your space in the mastermind. (If you’re doing the monthly payment option, the month of January is waived due to the deposit. If you’re doing the one-time payment, you’ll be invoiced for the remaining $4,500 at the end of December).

    You got this!


    “Nothing sharpens your thinking like a small band of trusted colleagues who are willing to challenge you, hold you accountable, and support you through difficult times.”


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    • This is for women who are serious about committing to something big in 2019. Whether it's growing your business as a whole, changing gears in your career, or adding a whole new type of service to the creative business you already have—this mastermind will make your big goals a reality.

    • This is for women working in the creative industry. You do not need to be a photographer or in food. The skills we’re addressing are useful to creatives in any craft (creating an identifiable brand, taking good pictures of your work, graphic design, marketing, time management, hiring out, and lots of other good stuff!)

    • This is for women who understand the importance of community. We will be meeting virtually once a month to share our creative wins and our struggles, and we’ll be sharing advice and insight. Through the workshops I’ve hosted, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible things that can happen when women support each other, openly share advice + experiences, and extend a helping hand to their peers.

    • This is for women who are passionate about their work, but feel slightly overwhelmed by the task of small business ownership. You might have a functioning business that you want to make more profitable, but you aren’t sure where to start. You might have a day job you want to quit but don’t know how to get to that point. You might feel paralyzed by trying to make everything perfect before launching your business + moving forward. You might be putting a lot of time + energy into your work, but the results just aren’t what you wanted them to be. You’re ready to turn your passion into real change, and I’m here to help you make it happen.