Join me (Eva Kosmas Flores of as I guide you through learning the world of camera settings, lenses, natural light, styling through storytelling, Adobe Lightroom, recipe development, food writing, social media strategies, and cinemagraphs.

This comprehensive photography, storytelling, preset, and branding bundle contains hours of hands-on instructional videos, 9 different lessons, and an e-book that contains all the video information in text-form. It also includes 9 assignments that correspond to each lesson, which are designed to help you put the knowledge you've gained from each session into practice, plus a whooooooole lot more goodies. If you're ready to take your freelancing to the next level, this bundle is for you! It contains everything you need to master your craft + brand.




  • You want to take your blog, styling, or photography career full-time. You want to work from home, have a flexible schedule, and create the work life that you want to lead. On the low end, a professional food photographer's day rate starts at $1,500 per day, and a stylists fee typically starts at $750 per day. Bloggers are paid thousands of dollars for 1 instagram or blog post.
  • You're already working full-time as a photographer/influencer and are ready to make an investment in your career and your skillset that will allow you to take on higher profile and higher paying clients, and also help you navigate through the business aspect of photography and blogging.
  • You're tired of trying *so hard* to make your work better, sticking it out to be "self-taught", and seeing limited results for all your efforts. You're ready for a program that will drastically improve your photography + branding skills in a short amount of time.
  • You want to make your work stand out from the crowd. As more folks enter the world of blogging, food styling, and photography, it's increasingly more important to make your work visually unique and identifiable. This is not a cookie-cutter branding workshop where everyone's work ends up identical, this is about helping YOU find your OWN voice, master your craft, and hone your abilities—to make your work, passion, and creative life the best it can possibly be.
  • You want to learn from a seasoned and legitimate professional who has been doing this for nearly a decade, not from someone who is new to the game. I have spent thousands of hours teaching photography and branding workshops, both online and in person, and am an incredibly insightful and intuitive teacher. I love to share openly and teach in an impactful, approachable, and easy-to-understand way, and am always an email away from my students if ever a question comes up!



  • 9 separate video lessons with hands-on instruction from Eva.
    • Lesson 1 Camera Settings
    • Lesson 2 Lenses & Focal Lengths
    • Lesson 3 Working with Natural Light
    • Lesson 4 Styling + Storytelling
    • Lesson 5 Business Side of Blogging, Social Media, & Branding
    • Lesson 6 Writing for Publication|Cookbooks
    • Lesson 7 Recipe Development
    • Lesson 8 Post-Processing in Adobe Lightroom
    • Lesson 9 Creating Cinemagraphs with Cinemagraph Pro (you can use the code FLIXELTEN for 10% off the program via the application link)
  • 9 hands-on assignment exercises corresponding to each lesson to help you put your newfound skills into practice.
  • Eva's exclusive e-book "On Food Styling, Photography, & Blogging", which addresses all of the above in text-form (which means no need for excessive note-taking, hurray!)
  • Customizable calendar to help you put together a cohesive course plan that works for your schedule.
  • A bundled savings of $200!



  • How to adjust your camera settings to create the image you have in your mind in real life.
  • How to choose which lens you need for which type of photo, and the lens I recommend for every photographer.
  • How shooting with a full-frame vs non-full-frame camera affects your image.
  • How to find your own visual voice and style your photos to highlight your image's focal point.
  • How to manipulate natural light to create the mood and feeling you want your photo to evoke.
  • How to work with clients and make sure you're getting the most out of every job.
  • How to grow on social media and create a consistent social media strategy.
  • How to edit in Adobe Lightroom from scratch, and how to use the included presets to make that even easier.
  • How to make a cinemagraph to draw in your viewers eye through motion.
  • How to develop a recipe properly, as well as how to write + deliver for a publication.




The fee for the workshop goes towards covering overhead costs like squarespace fees, marketing funds for Facebook ads and Google search promotions, email services like MailChimp, and webinar hosting. The fee also goes towards the investment made in creating the course, including equipment like the video cameras, microphones, etc., as well as the time investment. The profits after the overhead costs go towards our home construction savings fund—I recently purchased 29 acres of clear-cut forest from a logging company and am working to restore the land and am saving to build a home there and start a real homestead outside of the city. You can read more about the process here if you are interested. I truly appreciate all of your support, and would love to help you learn + grow your creative skillset!

Food Photography Styling Online Course by Eva Kosmas Flores




"Eva’s Online Course helped me to give my food photography business a big boost. All the topics I can think of are covered in this course. I love the fact that you can approach the material in a manageable way, at your own pace. I especially enjoyed watching the videos.

Eva is such a wonderful teacher. She explains all topics in an inspiring, professional and calm way. I paused the videos when I wanted to take notes, or whenever I get so excited to start and implement the tips & tricks right away.

The course is a real treasure and investment for any food photographer: beginner or experienced. I assure you, you’ll learn something new that generates business or inspiration. Eva thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts, skills and experiences!”

- Stefanie Spoelder, Food Photographer


"In the last couple years, I realized what I wanted to pursue was a career that revolved around food. Slowly honing in on what that would look like, I knew that photography would be the foundation for my future site and food blog. I learned some very basic photography skills several years ago, in high school, and attempted to Google and Youtube more informative instruction over time (which is a method of learning I don't enjoy). After countless wasted hours of trying to self-teach online, I still desperately needed clear cut direction and answers. Enter Eva.

 I've followed and admired Eva for a few years - always wishing I could go to her workshops or Secret Suppers, but never finding the right time or wiggle room in the budget. When she announced she was releasing this course, I was elated! At the brink of boiling over with the desire to finally take the leap and follow my dreams, there was no more room to make excuses and NOT invest in myself. 

This course is nothing short of magic. Eva gently draws back the veil and gives clear, simple, and richly detailed instruction. Instead of wasting hours searching the vast void of the Internet, I happily found that all the answers I sought have been neatly capsuled in this beautifully conducted course. Not only have I learned SO MUCH technically, but I feel more confident and capable in tackling my passion and future. 

Thank you, Eva, for bridging the gap, eliminating my insecurity, and placing me within reach of my dreams." 

- Caroline Bergeron of Wildwood Folk


“After following Eva’s work online and getting so much inspiration from her posts, I didn’t hesitate to take the the online course. It was the ideal follow up to deepen my own work as a food stylist, helping me to develop a sharper eye for detail, enhance my sense of storytelling, and to understand better the “eye” of a photographer, both artistically and technically.  As a relative newcomer to the field, she gave me the tools to overcome some key obstacles, both practical and emotional. Above all, I have come to see her as a mentor rich with humanism and a great communicator of all things creative.”

- Darko Ramljak, Food Stylist




Does access to the course expire?

Access to the course never expires. You can buy it today, and actually start the course today, or in 2 months, or in 2 years from now. You can re-watch it as many times as you'd like.

Do I need a DLSR to take this course?

No, you can use a mirrorless camera or an iPhone. That being said, a DSLR or mirrorless camera will give you the most control over the final image and have the highest image quality, so investing in one down the line is a good idea if this is something you want to pursue professionally.

What equipment do you recommend?

You can read through all the equipment I recommend using here.

How long are the video tutorials?

Each video ranges in length from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the lesson. There are 9 lessons total.

Do I need any computer programs?

If you want to learn Adobe Lightroom, you will need to download the program. I also highly recommend downloading Cinemagraph Pro (you can use the code FLIXELTEN for 10% off the program via the application link) and creating a Flixel account for the cinemagraph portion of the course.

Can I get feedback from Eva on my work?

Yes, if you'd like you can add on a 1-hour mentoring session with Eva via skype to ask her absolutely anything (feedback on your blog layout, your images, picking her brain on any photography/blog/writing/social media specifics...the creative world is your oyster!)



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