client communication checklist
for photographers + BLOGGERS

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We’ve all struggled with miscommunication with clients. Whether it’s the image dimensions, final number of images to be delivered, or the shooting angles, having the clients’ expectations differ from what your expectations are on a project is always a frustrating experience—neither party ends up happy which means it’s a loss for all.

Ideally, every job should entail the client getting what they want, in a timeframe you both are comfortable with, for a price that works for both of you. It sounds simple, right? But we both know that executing it is MUCH trickier than that. I’ve found the most effective way to keep everyone’s expectations on the same page is through COMMUNICATION.


I created these checklists for myself to make sure I was well-informed about every photography project + brand collaboration before diving in—and now I am sharing them with you!


This checklist will guide you towards being as informed a blogger as possible before committing to a project or giving out your rate. It’s chock-full of questions to help you realize the scope of a project and make sure that you have all the information you need to 1) satisfy the client’s needs 2) do so in a way that is cost-effective for you, and 3) complete the project in a realistic time frame. If you've ever had an "oh sh*t" moment where you've realized that the client is expecting one thing and you were expecting another, then cozy on up to these checklists because it's about to make your business brain a whole lot bigger!